Scammers Alert of Using Our Company Name

We at SBH Advisory Firm would like to raise awareness about several Facebook pages using our content without our permission. These pages, including a site named ‘ EASY COM’ are not affiliated in any way with us and are, in fact, unknown to us.

We would like to advise our clients not to engage with these sites under the impression that we are in any way linked to them. as we are unsure of their intentions.

Thank you and warmest regards from all of us at SBH Financial.


SBH Financial Advisory Firm在此希望提高对于一些面子书专业未经我们的许可的情况下使用我们的专业内容的警惕。 这些面子书专业,包括一个名为”EASY COM”的脸书专页与我们没有任何关系,事实上,我们也并不知道这些面子书专业的存在。


You can expect more billboards popping up after this too. We’re glad to be more visible, and it’s thanks to all your love and support!

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